weighted training vest

weighted training vest

Today we shall be looking at why you should be adding a weighted training vest to your workout and we will be discussing some of the weighted training vests on the market, so keep on reading.

Weighted training vest – Why use one?

A weighted training vest is one of the easiest ways to add more weight to your bodyweight exercises, a weighted vest is also a safe way to add more resistance to your workouts.

A weighted training vest can be used not only with body weight exercises but also when doing cardio. A weighted vest when used properly can have many benefits to the cardiovascular system.

When your looking to buy a weighted training vest you should make sure that you get the correct size as you don’t want one that is too tight, this is a mistake I see quite often, people assume that a weights vest should be skin tight, but that is not the case, it’s a weight vest not a corset. Instead you should be able to move your hand in between your body and your vest. You don’t want the vest too loose either as the weight rubbing against your skin could cause damage.

Thankfully most weight vests come with adjustable straps to you can fit it to your body easily.

Who should use a weight vest?

Any one looking to add extra resistance to their workout could use a weights vest. Personally I prefer to use a weight vest when i’m performing exercises such as pull ups and dips. The added resistance makes a tonne of difference to your workout and when you take the vest off you will notice the added endurance it has given you.

Weight vests can also be used for people who are looking to improve their explosiveness. Sports players would benefit highly from a weighted training vest.

Buying a weighted training vest

When you are looking to buy a weighted training vest you should take into consideration the following:

• The ability to adjust the fitting
• The weight the vest can hold
• The price
• Durability

As discussed above being able to adjust the straps on the weighted training vest will mean that the vest fits you perfectly, otherwise when you are exercising the weights vest will cause damage to your skin and clothes.

Secondly you should think about how much added weight you want to carry. A few extra KG can make a lot of difference, so I would advise not going for the heavier weight straight away. Most weights vests will have a few different options to choose from and most range from 5kg to 30kg.

Price is also something you should take into consideration when purchasing a weighted training vest as you can get some vests for cheap and others can go into a few hundred pounds. You will want a weighted vest that does the job but doesn’t cost too much, but you will also want a weights vest that doesn’t rip after using it a few times. Which leads me on to my next point.

Durability, you will want a weights vest that doesn’t rip after a few wears. Cheaper weights vests have been known to rip open, this isn’t good as quite often the insides of these vests are filled with sand. So not only do you break your vest but you also cover the gym with sand.

Like anything in life purchase what you can afford. One weights vest that I would recommend is the We R Sports weight vest which comes in a variety of colours and sizes and if you buy it from Amazon it comes with free UK Delivery.