quickest way to lose belly fat

Quickest way to lose belly fat

If your looking for the quickest way to lose belly fat keep on reading…

Belly fat is one of the biggest problems that men and women face on a daily basis.

As a child I could eat anything that I wanted and I would remain stick thin, but as I got older my waistline increased.

Some people store fat in their bums, which in my opinion is great, but if you’re like myself then you’re unlucky and your fat is stored in your belly. In this article I will give you some tips on how you can get rid of belly fat quickly.

The quickest way to lose belly fat

quickest way to lose belly fat

The quickest way to lose belly fat in my opinion is through the combination of a good diet and a good exercise plan. But you already knew that, everyone knows that they should diet and exercise, but the truth is most of the information online or you see in magazines is pure rubbish.

If your looking for a fast way to lose belly fat then you will need to diet correctly and exercise correctly. Firstly exercise:

Exercises to lose belly fat.

Sadly there isn’t one exercise that targets the fat on your belly. Most people think that crunches will burn belly fat but that is not the case. Instead, to reduce your belly fat you are going to have to perform exercises that raise your heartbeat and are going to challenge you vigorously.

One such exercise that I heavily recommend to everyone I meet is the beginner workout routine on this website. The exercises mentioned in that workout uses compound lifts which are exercises known for raising your metabolism and this allows you to burn fat long after you have finished exercising.

Many people have problems in lifting weights as they think lifting weights will make you look like a bodybuilder overnight. That is not the case. Lifting weights while dieting will make you lose your belly fat quickly along with all other areas of your body.

You may also be intimidated from lifting weights in the gym and that is fine, I know a lot of people that are in the same position as you. If you are intimidated by others in the gym you have two options:

The first option is to suck it up and just go for it, go in start lifting and enjoy yourself. Everyone is in the gym for the same reason, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed what ever your current body weight. I have found that most of the people in the gym are really nice and will be supportive in your goals, so don’t be frightened.

The second option is to buy some home exercise equipment. Having a good set of weights, a bench and maybe a power cage at home is the only thing you will need to lose weight this year. No fad diets, no fad workout plans. A tried and tested workout routine with a tried and tested method of dieting. If you have both of the above you will lose weight.

Fat burning foods

The above heading, I hate it. Fat burning foods, you see them everywhere and while some foods may raise your metabolism slightly there is no way you will lose weight by just eating these food along with your current diet plan.

To lose belly fat from dieting I would recommend a diet called IIFYM. You can read more about IIFYM here. Basically it’s a flexible way of dieting that allows you to lose up to 2lbs a week while eating flexibly. IIFYM is a calorie restrictive diet that in my opinion is so easy to follow. If you combine the exercise routine above with IIFYM you will lose a tonne of weight this year from your belly and overall body. So get started today, you have fat to lose!