plus size gym wear

Plus Size Gym Wear

If you’re a heavier person then you may find that finding gym wear that fits can be a challenge. In this article we are going to be looking at plus size gym wear that not only fits perfectly but has excellent functionality too.

Firstly let me just say that finding plus size workout clothes for women can be a nightmare. Larger men also have this problem, but women also have breasts, and because of this plus size gym wear is not only needed but its welcomed.

I do find it ironic that people who want to lose the most weight are often the ones who are not catered to by workout clothing manufacturers. But fear not, in this article I will point out where you can get your plus size gym clothes from and at a darn good price too.

Lets start from the ground up, that way I wont forget anything, because I truly do have a terrible memory 😉

Plus Size running shoes.

plus size gym wear

Out of all the items I am going to mention, shoes are probably the least likely to be the item of clothing that is causing you the most problems, but I thought I would share the running shoes that I use anyway.

K-Swiss Tubes

Being overweight means that when I run I often put too much pressure on my shins which in then pulls on my calf muscle which ultimately gives me a nasty case of shin splints and a tight calf, and I don’t know if any of you guys have suffered from either but they both kill, getting them both at the same time makes running impossible.

Having the above problem stopped me from running for years and I believe that one of the main reasons why it took me so much time to lose weight was down to having to not only suffer from me not being fit enough but also I had to suffer through physical pain from shin splints and a tight calf. I tried many things over the years from foam rolling to standing on a tennis ball under my desk in work, sadly nothing changed until I got myself a good pair of running shoes. The pair I highly recommend if you need to get a pair is the K-Swiss tubes.

So if your overweight and you suffer from shin splints or tight calf muscles then the K-Swiss tubes are an excellent running shoe to get. They’re wide fitting and compared to other running shoes their very cheap. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for mine but they were roughly around £60. So anything under this price and your getting a good deal. Over the years I have bought two sets, as I thought I lost one pair when moving homes, I didn’t and now I have two.

As I said if your current running shoes are ok then stick with them, I only bought a proper pair of running shoes because of the issues I was getting with my lower legs, thankfully I no longer get shin splints or tight calf muscles, this is due to more stretching and the cushioning of the K-Swiss tubes on impact. If it wasn’t for these comfy trainers then I don’t think I would have ever run again, I know its silly and some people may laugh but these trainers really did change my life.  I couldn’t recommend the K-Swiss tubes enough.

Plus Size Yoga Pants

plus size yoga pants

Running or exercising in the gym can cause problems for all types of people, but to the plus size gym goer any movement can cause extra problems, the main and worst problem is chaffing. If you have experienced chaffing then you will know how painful it can be.

Some runners see chaffing as battle scars that they are proud of, but if you’re a larger person like myself you will see them as a pain in the ass (some times literally).

Sweat, skin wobble and rubbing on your gym clothing can cause serious amounts of damage and pain. The best solution to eliminate chaffing and your skin wobbling is a pair of good quality and excellent fitting plus size yoga pants. I would recommend plus sized yoga pants over a cotton alternative as us larger people tend to sweat a lot, and cotton tends to get wet very quickly and can take forever to dry. Yoga pants on the other hand dry very quickly. Plus sized yoga pants also hold everything in place when you are running, once again stopping any kind of unwanted jiggle.

A set of yoga pants that I own and wear to the gym quite often are active sports yoga pants

Or if you like yoga pants that are a bit shorter you could go for the ¾ leg version. I own both and swap them every other workout. Sometimes the ¾ length plus size yoga pants keep me a little cooler because of the length, but that maybe in my head. Still these trousers are good for us larger ladies as it allows us to be able to switch our looks up every other day, we still got to look good right.

Plus size bra

plus size gym wear

Most of us larger ladies have bigger boobs, but regardless of the size of your boobs a good running bra is needed if you plan on taking the gym serious.

The impact that running can have on your body when you have a big pair of boobs can create a massive range of problems, including chaffing and bruising. Depending on the size of your boobs then the person next to you may also thank you for using something to support them in place, you wouldn’t want to knock someone out with your boobs now would you ☺ or maybe you would if that person is the type of gym idiot that is trying to race you.

When I started running I tried a few different bras out and the one that I use all the time is the womans impact plus size bra

The reason why I like it above all the other sports bras that I tried is that the straps are very soft and comfortable but they’re also very sturdy and hold everything in place where it should be. Its also roughly half the price on some of the plus sized sports bras that I have seen online, so it gets a thumbs up from me. Its also machine washable to when you sweat its easy to clean.

Plus size shirt vests

When people say that plus size gym wear is hard to find I don’t disagree with them, to this day I still cant find good shirts or vests that are suitable for a plus sized women.

When I go running I tend to use just normal t-shirts that I have bought over the years, most of these are cotton made and are not really suitable as plus size gym wear. As mentioned above cotton gets wet very quickly and stays wet for the entire workout. What’s more is that I feel very embarrassed when I’ve been on the treadmill for a few minutes and there’s already a river of sweat making a patch down my back.

I tend now not to use tops/t-shirts that are dark in colour because you can see the sweat patches more easily, and yes I know I shouldn’t be so self conscious but I cant help it, when I’m sweating so much I think the whole gym is watching.

So my tip would be to use a top or t-shirt that is old because your going to soak it up when you start working out.

Also if anyone who is reading this blog knows where to get plus size gym wear or plus size gym tops from that are better than plain cotton t-shirts please let me know because I have been on the look out for a good quality gym top for years.

Update (one of our readers selections)

One of the blog readers Sam92 got in contact with us and told us that she also had problems in finding a gym top that fitted her especially because she has large boobs, but she told us that she swears by the following t-shirt pink money

Plus size running jackets

Being from the UK means that we have nice weather probably once a year, twice if we are lucky, so if your looking to get fit and healthy outdoors then you are going to need a good jacket. There are so many nice running jackets out there for sale, but for us plus size runners the selection is very limited.

Now once again finding plus size gym wear is very hard and finding a good rain running jacket that is worth the money and works well is a hard task to do, but after a little bit of searching I found the pink monkey jacket

I got the large size, which fits me nicely at around a size 20. They also go up to XL in size. It’s a nice lightweight jacket that’s good for running/jogging and temperature control in this jacket is pretty good and I don’t find it sticking to me at al during my runs.

One thing I would advise is that I’ve seen some users say that its small sizing, so if you’re a little unsure of what size to get then get the slightly bigger size.

Plus size gym wear summary

Going to the gym or going out running can be intimidating to anyone, but the truth is we all have the same goals to get into shape and to be happy with the body we have.

The truth is that we all put ourselves off from going to the gym or going for a run from sometime or another. When I first started I used to always moan that I didn’t have tidy clothes to go to the gym, but after I purchased pretty much all of the above then I couldn’t use it as an excuse any more. Don’t let your gym wear be the reason why you don’t lose weight this year.

Take control of your weight, your exercise and your life. You can do it. Even if you start by walking, you can do it. Personally I sucked at running, my legs hurt, I had no willpower and I was ready to throw in the towel, but after spending money on my plus size gym wear I decided that enough was enough and I was going to lose the weight.

There would be no more excuses from me.

Thankfully I stuck it out, and no doubt having the right plus size gym wear helped me out. I don’t care what anyone says, by looking good in my equipment I felt more confident in myself, even though I was one of the largest members in the gym I never felt out of place.

So if there’s anything holding you back do what Nike said. Just Do It!