My 14 day bullet proof coffee experience

Every so often a weight loss method hits the market and everyone goes crazy over it. The weight loss method that I have come across today is something called Bullet Proof Coffee. 

If I am totally honest, everytime I come across a fad diet I am automatically skeptical. Ive been around for long enough to know that when hype words like “toxins”or “fat burners” are used then usually the product is more hype than substance.

Within a few minutes of reading about Bullet proof coffee I had read these hype words multiple times. Bullet proof coffee claims to increase productivity, concentration, creativity and burn fat. Already after reading the above I become more skeptical. Bullet proof coffee is to be used as a meal replacement, so instead of having breakfast you would have a cup of bullet proof coffee. To make a bullet proof coffee you need:

Organic Coffee,

½ of grass-fed, unsalted butter

1 tablespoon of MCT oil

First blend the butter and the MCT oil together before pouring it into the coffee. The concept behind the bullet proof coffee is that the unsalted natural butter is full of saturated fat that will sit in your stomach and break down slowly. This supposedly keeps you feeling fuller for longer and along with the coffee you will have a lot of energy. The MCT oil is also supposed to have metabolism boosting properties. Sounds good, however I found the truth is different from the claims.

I replaced my morning breakfast with the bullet proof coffee for 14 days and by the end of it I wanted to eat my normal breakfast. The only good point of taking the bullet proof coffee was that I found it woke me up very quickly. The coffee tasted very strong as the butter did not dilute it much, so if you like strong coffee this would also be a bonus. Other than waking me up which a normal coffee does then I honestly did not find much use for this weight loss method. For me the bullet proof coffee had many problems.

First of all, the butter was supposed to keep me fuller for longer. This claim is absolute rubbish. Bullet proof coffee contains roughly 400 calories. Thats close to two chocolate bars. One cup contains around 51 grams of fat, 0 carbs and 1g of protein. Compare that to the nutrients in a normal breakfast and you could be getting up to a 1/3rd less nutrients, and you also feel hungrier.

Another thing that I hated about this weight loss method was that the butter and the coffee would separate and it would look horrible, however this did not affect the taste, and I was pleasantly surprised.


If I was asked to do the bullet proof coffee diet again I wouldn’t as I did not find it useful and in the two weeks my weight stayed roughly the same. This however was to be expected as I kept my diet roughly the same and at my basal metabolic rate. I did this so I could test if the bullet proof coffee had metabolism boosting effects. It did not, and like everything concerning diet, the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume.

Having said the above, I can see the science behind the method, and I can also see why it would work for some people, however drinking coffee alone will not make you lose weight. You will still need to eat less than your body burns to lose weight.

If your looking to put your body into a state of ketosis to lose weight then this diet may be something you could look at. I think ultimately you are going to have to decide for yourself, me personally I would rather replace coffee with a cup of oats, a protein shake and some peanut butter. 1 its much cheaper, 2 its tastier and 3 it will keep you feeling fuller and give you a slow release of energy throughout the day. As you can tell from my review I was not much of a fan. If you are considering the bullet proof coffee diet please let me know your experiences and what you thought about it.

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