JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

Buying a treadmill for your home gym can cause headaches, I know it took me ages to find a treadmill that I was happy with for my own gym. With this article I will review the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill and by the end of the article hopefully you will know if the JTX Sprint-9: Treadmill is suitable for your home gym equipment.

JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

The JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill has been dubbed a commercial quality treadmill that’s perfect for the home gym.

In this article I will look at these claims and let you know what I though about the treadmill along with what other customers of the treadmill have thought.

Treadmills that you use in a commercial gym are generally well built, sturdy and have a tonne of features that are suitable for all age ranges, fitness levels and fitness goals, so for the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill to come close to a commercial gym treadmill it has a lot to live up to.

JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill features

For the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill to match a commercial treadmill it has to have a tonne of features and it does. The main features of the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill are:

  • Quiet and durable motor
  • 15 degrees incline
  • 24 pre set programmes, 3 custom ones for you to set
  • Chest strap to monitor your heart rate.
  • Max speed 20kmph
  • 3 years warranty
  • Commercial quality shock system

Examining the features

 Looking at the above features you can see that the JTX Sprint-9: Treadmill is well equipped. From testing this running machine I can confirm that the motor on the treadmill is as loud as you would expect from any treadmill. My home is on the second floor and during testing I didn’t have any complaints from the downstairs neighbours when using the running machine.

The 15 degrees incline is also a useful feature for those people who want to challenge themselves as it does add a variety to your workout, personally I don’t tend to use inclines all that much, but if your looking to lose weight then the incline features are excellent as you can spend your time walking at a brisk pace while at an incline and you can see the calories being burned in front of your eyes.

If you’re looking to add more variety to your workouts then the pre-set 24 programmes are useful and while I didn’t test all of them, I did find that there were a good selection for different fitness goals, so there were some for becoming more aerobically fit, some for losing weight and some interval training routines. There was also an option to add 3 of your own custom workouts, this is good if like me you exercises using hiit training, just pre program the machine to your routine and you don’t have to fiddle about during your workout ever again.

jtx sprint 9 treadmill

Monitoring your heart beat through the chest strap of the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill is a great feature because there are a few tools online that you can use to determine the best heart rate for your body for losing weight, if you get close to this zone then you are in the optimum range for burning fat.

The chest strap can also be used by those wanting to get fitter as you can use the data provided to find out what heart rate you should be at to become aerobically fitter.

The heart monitor strap is something that you usually don’t find on home gym treadmills, usually home gym treadmills come with the heart monitoring that you have to press your thumbs into when running. These types of heart monitoring systems in my opinion can be a bit of a pest as it takes all the focus from your running and you have to concentrate on matching your thumbs to the metal pads on the treadmill. Thankfully the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill makes monitoring your heart rate easy.

The max speed of 20kmph is more than enough for the home gym, any faster and you may start to take off. 20kmph is fast enough to do hiit training or sprint training with. I have found that some home treadmills fall short with their max speed making them only useful for jogging, but the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill is useful for walking, jogging and sprinting.

The running machine comes with 3 years warranty which is always useful when purchasing a high end item like this. According to JTX the manufacturer if you have a problem with this treadmill you can call them up and they will send out an engineer to fix your problem, which is pretty good.

The commercial shock system of this treadmill basically means that it has a bit of cushioning when your legs/feet hit the running surface. In my testing I didn’t find the shock absorbing features any better or worse than any other treadmills I have used in the past. I didn’t find myself being in any pain after using the treadmill so I can only assume that the system works like it should.

Other features of the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

 Being a home gym treadmill one of the features that is a good addition is being able to fold the treadmill when not in use as it does save a little bit of space, but I would say that even when folded the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill is still pretty big so if you have a small area for your gym equipment then you should make sure to measure the space first. If you need the measurements of the treadmill you can see them here.

The screen is nothing to shout about, id say it’s pretty standard. It shows your running speed, Incline level, distance run and calories. It also shows your heartbeat if you have the heartbeat strap attached to your body.

The JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill has a good build quality and the arms on the side of the treadmill are useful (they have buttons to adjust incline levels) and are great for safety. If you do sprint training like I do then chances are you will be grabbing on to these arms from time to time when your legs turn to jelly from running so hard.

The JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill also features a clip on strap that will automatically cut the treadmill off if it becomes disconnected (you fall off) and a big stop button that you can hit if you need to stop in an emergency.

Another good feature of this treadmill is that it has in built speakers so that you can connect your favourite mp3 player or phone and start listening to your songs through the on board speakers. I have seen some reviewers complain that the on board speakers are not that great but compared to some of the other treadmills that I have tested in the past I would say that the on board speakers on the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill are of good quality.


 In conclusion I would say that the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill is a good choice for a home gym. The build quality is good, the max speed of 20kmph is also great because it means that this treadmill allows you to be flexible in your training methods. The only bad points of this treadmill is that it is large and it is expensive, but the size of the treadmill allows it to be sturdy while the price is expected because of the good build quality.

The best price I could find online for the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill with free deliver can be found here.