weighted training vest

weighted training vest

Today we shall be looking at why you should be adding a weighted training vest to your workout and we will be discussing some of the weighted training vests on the market, so keep on reading.

Weighted training vest – Why use one?

A weighted training vest is one of the easiest ways to add more weight to your bodyweight exercises, a weighted vest is also a safe way to add more resistance to your workouts.

A weighted training vest can be used not only with body weight exercises but also when doing cardio. A weighted vest when used properly can have many benefits to the cardiovascular system.

When your looking to buy a weighted training vest you should make sure that you get the correct size as you don’t want one that is too tight, this is a mistake I see quite often, people assume that a weights vest should be skin tight, but that is not the case, it’s a weight vest not a corset. Instead you should be able to move your hand in between your body and your vest. You don’t want the vest too loose either as the weight rubbing against your skin could cause damage.

Thankfully most weight vests come with adjustable straps to you can fit it to your body easily.

Who should use a weight vest?

Any one looking to add extra resistance to their workout could use a weights vest. Personally I prefer to use a weight vest when i’m performing exercises such as pull ups and dips. The added resistance makes a tonne of difference to your workout and when you take the vest off you will notice the added endurance it has given you.

Weight vests can also be used for people who are looking to improve their explosiveness. Sports players would benefit highly from a weighted training vest.

Buying a weighted training vest

When you are looking to buy a weighted training vest you should take into consideration the following:

• The ability to adjust the fitting
• The weight the vest can hold
• The price
• Durability

As discussed above being able to adjust the straps on the weighted training vest will mean that the vest fits you perfectly, otherwise when you are exercising the weights vest will cause damage to your skin and clothes.

Secondly you should think about how much added weight you want to carry. A few extra KG can make a lot of difference, so I would advise not going for the heavier weight straight away. Most weights vests will have a few different options to choose from and most range from 5kg to 30kg.

Price is also something you should take into consideration when purchasing a weighted training vest as you can get some vests for cheap and others can go into a few hundred pounds. You will want a weighted vest that does the job but doesn’t cost too much, but you will also want a weights vest that doesn’t rip after using it a few times. Which leads me on to my next point.

Durability, you will want a weights vest that doesn’t rip after a few wears. Cheaper weights vests have been known to rip open, this isn’t good as quite often the insides of these vests are filled with sand. So not only do you break your vest but you also cover the gym with sand.

Like anything in life purchase what you can afford. One weights vest that I would recommend is the We R Sports weight vest which comes in a variety of colours and sizes and if you buy it from Amazon it comes with free UK Delivery.

JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

Buying a treadmill for your home gym can cause headaches, I know it took me ages to find a treadmill that I was happy with for my own gym. With this article I will review the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill and by the end of the article hopefully you will know if the JTX Sprint-9: Treadmill is suitable for your home gym equipment.

JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

The JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill has been dubbed a commercial quality treadmill that’s perfect for the home gym.

In this article I will look at these claims and let you know what I though about the treadmill along with what other customers of the treadmill have thought.

Treadmills that you use in a commercial gym are generally well built, sturdy and have a tonne of features that are suitable for all age ranges, fitness levels and fitness goals, so for the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill to come close to a commercial gym treadmill it has a lot to live up to.

JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill features

For the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill to match a commercial treadmill it has to have a tonne of features and it does. The main features of the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill are:

  • Quiet and durable motor
  • 15 degrees incline
  • 24 pre set programmes, 3 custom ones for you to set
  • Chest strap to monitor your heart rate.
  • Max speed 20kmph
  • 3 years warranty
  • Commercial quality shock system

Examining the features

 Looking at the above features you can see that the JTX Sprint-9: Treadmill is well equipped. From testing this running machine I can confirm that the motor on the treadmill is as loud as you would expect from any treadmill. My home is on the second floor and during testing I didn’t have any complaints from the downstairs neighbours when using the running machine.

The 15 degrees incline is also a useful feature for those people who want to challenge themselves as it does add a variety to your workout, personally I don’t tend to use inclines all that much, but if your looking to lose weight then the incline features are excellent as you can spend your time walking at a brisk pace while at an incline and you can see the calories being burned in front of your eyes.

If you’re looking to add more variety to your workouts then the pre-set 24 programmes are useful and while I didn’t test all of them, I did find that there were a good selection for different fitness goals, so there were some for becoming more aerobically fit, some for losing weight and some interval training routines. There was also an option to add 3 of your own custom workouts, this is good if like me you exercises using hiit training, just pre program the machine to your routine and you don’t have to fiddle about during your workout ever again.

jtx sprint 9 treadmill

Monitoring your heart beat through the chest strap of the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill is a great feature because there are a few tools online that you can use to determine the best heart rate for your body for losing weight, if you get close to this zone then you are in the optimum range for burning fat.

The chest strap can also be used by those wanting to get fitter as you can use the data provided to find out what heart rate you should be at to become aerobically fitter.

The heart monitor strap is something that you usually don’t find on home gym treadmills, usually home gym treadmills come with the heart monitoring that you have to press your thumbs into when running. These types of heart monitoring systems in my opinion can be a bit of a pest as it takes all the focus from your running and you have to concentrate on matching your thumbs to the metal pads on the treadmill. Thankfully the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill makes monitoring your heart rate easy.

The max speed of 20kmph is more than enough for the home gym, any faster and you may start to take off. 20kmph is fast enough to do hiit training or sprint training with. I have found that some home treadmills fall short with their max speed making them only useful for jogging, but the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill is useful for walking, jogging and sprinting.

The running machine comes with 3 years warranty which is always useful when purchasing a high end item like this. According to JTX the manufacturer if you have a problem with this treadmill you can call them up and they will send out an engineer to fix your problem, which is pretty good.

The commercial shock system of this treadmill basically means that it has a bit of cushioning when your legs/feet hit the running surface. In my testing I didn’t find the shock absorbing features any better or worse than any other treadmills I have used in the past. I didn’t find myself being in any pain after using the treadmill so I can only assume that the system works like it should.

Other features of the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

 Being a home gym treadmill one of the features that is a good addition is being able to fold the treadmill when not in use as it does save a little bit of space, but I would say that even when folded the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill is still pretty big so if you have a small area for your gym equipment then you should make sure to measure the space first. If you need the measurements of the treadmill you can see them here.

The screen is nothing to shout about, id say it’s pretty standard. It shows your running speed, Incline level, distance run and calories. It also shows your heartbeat if you have the heartbeat strap attached to your body.

The JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill has a good build quality and the arms on the side of the treadmill are useful (they have buttons to adjust incline levels) and are great for safety. If you do sprint training like I do then chances are you will be grabbing on to these arms from time to time when your legs turn to jelly from running so hard.

The JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill also features a clip on strap that will automatically cut the treadmill off if it becomes disconnected (you fall off) and a big stop button that you can hit if you need to stop in an emergency.

Another good feature of this treadmill is that it has in built speakers so that you can connect your favourite mp3 player or phone and start listening to your songs through the on board speakers. I have seen some reviewers complain that the on board speakers are not that great but compared to some of the other treadmills that I have tested in the past I would say that the on board speakers on the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill are of good quality.


 In conclusion I would say that the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill is a good choice for a home gym. The build quality is good, the max speed of 20kmph is also great because it means that this treadmill allows you to be flexible in your training methods. The only bad points of this treadmill is that it is large and it is expensive, but the size of the treadmill allows it to be sturdy while the price is expected because of the good build quality.

The best price I could find online for the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill with free deliver can be found here.

Home Exercise Equipment that every home gym needs

Today we are taking a look at home exercise equipment, and we are giving you our opinion on the best home exercise equipment that your money can buy for your home gym.

Getting fit and healthy can be tough. Gyms are expensive and can often be over crowded. Sometimes gyms can be daunting to someone that has never been before. But don’t worry all of that is about to change when you build your very own home gym.

In this rather lengthy article I will look at the best home exercise equipment for people of all ages, sizes, sexes and even goals.

I have come up with a huge list of home exercise equipment that I believe is essential to any home gym. So whether your looking for that six pack or just want to run up the stairs without getting out of breath keep on reading.

To start off the best home exercise equipment for any home gym I’m going to discuss different weight sets.

Weight Sets

Weight sets are essential for any home exercise equipment. Free weights sometimes called hand weights can be used to build muscle, gain strength and even blast away fat.

In this section I’m will look at free weights/hand weights, adjustable dumbbells and cheap dumbbells for those looking to exercise on a budget.

The first weight set I will look at is the puregadgets 30kg dumbbell set kit.

weight set

I chose the above dumbbell set because I feel they are a good introductory weight set for your home exercise equipment.

The weight set comes with 16 different weights that can be adjusted for different strengths through different exercises. The maximum amount of weight that can be put on each bar is 15kg at one time, however if you want to load the bar up and just use one for example on tricep extensions then the maximum weight that can be used is 20kg.

The weight limitation of this weight set along with the price means that it’s a great introduction to lifting to someone who is looking for small hand weights.

After a couple of months of exercise you may outgrow this weight set. If you think that could be the case with you then you may want to get more weight.

You can get this weight set in 30kg, 40kg and even 50kg here.

Hexagonal Dumbbell Set

home exercise equipment

Personally I am a big fan of hexagonal dumbbells as they don’t roll, and anyone who has had a weight roll over their feet knows how painful it can be, ouch!

The second free weight set that I would recommend is the Bodymax Rubber Hex dumbbells.

The Bodymax rubber hex dumbbells do the same job as the first set of dumbbells mentioned but in my opinion they are a class above, they offer better quality, they are more durable and they are much more flexibility when it comes to the weight choices available. The rubber ends also stop you from damaging your floor when working out at home.

The only disadvantage of this dumbbell set is that you have to purchase a few different sets so that you can get a wide variety of weights for when your working out at home, these weights are static and the weight is non changeable. But don’t let that put you off, you could get three different sets ranging in weight and you would probably be set for life.

If purchasing a few weights seems expensive compare the price of these weights to a monthly fee at the gym and then times that by a few years, purchasing a set of weights then doesn’t seem so expensive does it.

If your looking for a good quality set of dumbbells then I highly recommend adding the Bodymax rubber hex dumbbell set to your home exercise equipment.

Dumbbell Set with Rack

free weight set

If your ultimate goal is to have the best home exercise equipment to sculpt your body then the next dumbbell weight set might be right up your alley. The Body Power Dumbbell Set & Rack is the stuff that home gym legends are made from, ok I might have gone a bit over the top but if you have a tonne of cash to spare and you want an excellent set of dumbbells and rack to keep them in then look no further.

Once again I have favoured the hexagonal dumbbell set as I like to keep my toes attached to my feet.

I recommend this dumbbell weight set and rack if you’re a serious fitness fanatic as 1 it is very expensive and 2 its very expensive. But if cost isn’t an issue then you will love this dumbbell set that comes with a vertical dumbbell rack which saves space and is very sturdy.

The body power weight set is made up of 11 pairs of dumbbells that start at 5kg in weight and end at a colossal 30kg. If your serious about working out at home then check this dumbbell set out here.

If you haven’t got £750+ for a set of dumbbells but still want various different weight ranges while being able to save space then you may want to check out some adjustable dumbbells sets.

Adjustable Dumbbells

 Adjustable dumbbells or selectorised dumbbells as they are sometimes called are dumbbells that have plates on either side that can be added to the dumbbell by turning a dial. These dumbbells are more suitable for those looking to workout at home who don’t have a lot of room for a home gym.

The big names in the adjustable dumbbell market are Bowflex, Bodymax and PowerBlock. I will take you through each brands best adjustable dumbbells so you can decide if any of them are suitable for you. Firstly the cheapest adjustable dumbbell set, the PowerBlock.

PowerBlock Adjustable dumbbell set

best home exercise equipment

 Out of the 3 mentioned adjustable dumbbell sets the PowerBlock is the cheapest. Out of the three mentioned the PowerBlock is also my least favourite as each dumbbell only goes up to 11kgs on each hand, for my own goals this is a little light, but if your looking to do high reps with low weight then these adjustable dumbbells could be suitable for you.

The PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells are excellent for you if your looking for a set of weights that can be changed very quickly, an example of this would be someone who is using dumbbells for some sort of circuit training.

Conventional dumbbells take forever to switch between weights and this slows your heart rate down allowing you to recover, which sometimes is the opposite of what we want when trying to lose weight, the PowerBlock gets rid of this problem by making switching of the weight as quick as advertised.

The PowerBlock is a great bit of kit if you need dumbbells but you haven’t got the space for a massive rack or tonnes of weight. If your interested in purchasing the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells then the best price I found was on Amazon.

If your looking for an adjustable dumbbell set that offers you more weight then the Bodymax Selectabell could be for you.

Bodymax Selectabell Adjustable Dumbbell set

bodymax adjustable dumbbell set

 The previous dumbbell set could max out at 11kg per hand, the Bodymax selectabell adjustable dumbbell however can go all the way up to 32kg. The weight can be adjusted in 2.5kg increments which give you great control when selecting weight resistance for your training methods.

32kg in weight is also no small feat, because of this these adjustable dumbbells will last a lifetime for most people, and you probably wont out grow them.

When testing the Bodymax Selectabell I found the weight changing mechanism to be easy to use and very quick. This is useful for those looking to use dumbbells in a circuit training workout or a P90X training type program.

One small point that I didn’t like about the Bodymax Selectabell adjustable dumbbell set is that the weight rattled slightly and could sometimes be a little off putting, but other than that this weight set is well made, and being able to go all the way up to 32kg is brilliant.

The Bodymax Selectabell is also very affordable when compared to other adjustable dumbbells on the market, the best price I found on them was here.

Bowflex Adjustable dumbbells

bowflex adjustable dumbbell set

 The Bowflex adjustable dumbbell set comes in two different versions, firstly the 2-24kg version and the much larger 4-41kg version

Both adjustable dumbbell sets are built with the same materials the only difference is the weight range and the price. The Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are considered one of the top brands for adjustable dumbbells and because of this they do carry a premium brand price range.

I would say that the Bowflex feels better made than the Bodymax Selectabell as there is no rattling when lifting the weight. The rubber grip on the handle is also a welcomed design feature as anyone who lifts weights often find that metal grips tend to make the skin on your hands rough. Thankfully the rubber grip doesn’t cut like traditional metal dumbbells.

The main disadvantage of the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell is the cost, but if you can get over that then you will be getting a great quality adjustable dumbbell set.

You can get the 24kg set here, and the 41kg set here.

Weight Set Summary

 There are many weight sets for sale out there so a guide like this hopefully helps. Hopefully you now know what weight set is suitable for you and your goals. To summarise I would say that all of the above mentioned dumbbells are suitable for someone looking to workout at home. How you select which dumbbell set to purchase will depend on your situation.

For a casual lifter you may want to get a cheap set of dumbbells, for someone looking to add a small amount of resistance to their routine then small hand weights could be something worth looking at. For a serious lifter then you may want to look into a weight set with a rack, but if space isn’t an option then adjustable dumbbells could be the answer.

I highly recommend looking at all of the above mentioned weights, check out what others think about them and see if you think they are suitable for your home gym workouts.

Hopefully now you know what weight set you will be using in your home gym, if that’s the case great. We now need to build that home gym up. The next essential home exercise equipment that you will need is a workout bench.

Workout Bench

 A good workout bench can take your home exercise routines to a new level. But once again where do you start? There are so many workout benches to choose from. Do you get a folding workout bench, a flat exercise bench, a cheap weight bench or an adjustable gym bench?   I will leave that decision up to you, but only after I have run through each of them with you. First up, the flat exercise bench.

Flat exercise bench

home exercise equiment

 Flat exercise benches are the most basic of exercise bench there is. They offer no frills, what you see is what you get. A flat exercise bench offers no incline or decline functionality.

A simple cheap flat exercise bench that you could add to your home exercise equipment could be the Gorilla Sports Bench. The reason why I selected this bench is because it’s very sturdy for a cheap weights bench. If you have no experience with cheap weights benches then you should know that there are a lot of them out there that shake and wobble when being used, obviously this isn’t good when you have a lot of weight above your head.

The gorilla sports weight bench is solid, and the foam padding is very comfortable, especially when there is heavy weight pressing your body into the bench.

The gorilla sports flat exercise bench is a good choice for those looking for a cheap weight bench that is safe. The best price I could find was on Amazon.

The next style of workout bench worth discussing is the adjustable/folding workout bench.

Folding workout bench

 A folding workout bench allows much more flexibility in the exercises that can be performed on the workout bench. A folding workout bench can offer different levels of incline and decline and this allows you to hit your muscles from many different angles. An incline/decline workout bench is excellent for building a great chest.

In my research I kept coming across two different folding workout benches, both made by the well known weights company York Fitness.

York Fitness Bench

york fitness bench

 The first York weights bench only offers flat or incline positions. Incline can go all the way up to 90 degrees which is very useful for exercises like the shoulder press. Dumbbell curls, reverse curls and many other exercises can also be achieved by setting this bench at one of its 5 different levels.

The York Fitness adjustable gym bench feels very sturdy and can handle 200kg of weight safely, it is an Olympic weight bench so standard Olympic weights can be used with this bench. The padding on the seat is thick enough to be comfortable and the material makes wiping the sweat down easy enough.

One problem that this bench does have is that it doesn’t offer any decline, this could be a problem if you like to hit your chest muscles from an incline and decline position, however I know some people are dead against decline pressing as it “can give you man boobs”.

If you want a folding workout bench that gives you the option to be able to perform decline movements then maybe this bench isn’t for you, but If decline isn’t a big deal, then this bench is a great choice, it’s also pretty cheap considering the good build quality.

The cheapest price that I could find with free delivery was here.

If you can stretch your budget a little further then you may want to check out the next gym bench.

York 13-in-1 folding workout bench

home exercise equipment

 The York 13-in-1 workout bench is a great adjustable gym bench that offers both incline and decline functionality. Another added advantage is that its also a fully folding workout bench so if you don’t have much room for your home exercise equipment then this workout bench can be stored away easily.

Set up of the bench took less than 5 minutes which is quite unusual because most weight benches seem to take ages to assemble.

Switching between incline and decline is easy, all you have to do is pull out the pin in the back of the bench, move the bench up or down and then put the pin back in.   The bench can be adjusted in 13 different positions from decline, to flat to around 70 degrees. This was one point that I found a little disappointing, this bench is perfect for incline pressing but if you want a bench to support your back when overhead pressing then it falls a little short.

The 13 in 1 york fitness bench is an Olympic weight bench so it can take up to 200kg of weight safely and you can use standard Olympic weights with it.

The overall build quality is once again excellent, the foam padding is comfortable and this is as close as you are going to get to a commercial gym bench without having to pay £300+

If you’re interested in adding the York 13-1 folding weight bench to your home exercise equipment then you can get it here.

Workout Bench Summary

 You should now be able to tick another piece of home exercise equipment of your list. Mentioned above are some good quality workout benches. The three mentioned benches differ in functionality, quality and price and depending on your situation I think that any of the above would be useful for your home gym.

If your buying decision is based on money alone then what I would say is that the margin between all three weights benches isn’t that big, and if your budget can stretch a little I would highly recommend getting a more expensive bench as a good quality workout bench will last you years.

At this point you may have a set of dumbbells and a weights bench, but to take your home gym to the next level you are going to need an Olympic barbell and weights set.

Olympic Barbell

olympic barbell sets

Barbells can vary in weight, shaft diameter and length. Men’s barbells and women’s barbells have a slightly different width and weight. Men’s Olympic barbells weigh 20kg while women’s Olympic barbells weigh 15kg.

If your not interested in competing it doesn’t really matter what Olympic barbell you get, as long as the barbell fits in your home gym then you should be ok.

One of the co-editors of this site purchased a 7ft Olympic barbell for his own home gym and when he set it up he realised that his room wasn’t big enough, so he had to return the barbell and get a smaller version, so before deciding between a 6ft Olympic barbell or a 7ft Olympic barbell then you may want to measure your home gym first.

You can get a 5ft, 6ft or 7ft Olympic bar from here, but I wouldn’t recommend the 5ft as it wont fit correctly with most squat stands or power cages/racks.

You can buy an Olympic barbell set or individually, personally id rather by the Olympic barbell and the Olympic weights separately that way you can choose what weights you want rather than relying on what others choose for you.

Olympic Weights

weight set

 To go along with your Olympic barbell you are going to need Olympic weights, ones that I have owned for 4+ years now are the Bodymax Olympic cast iron set. There is nothing special about these weights other than they are cheap and they have lasted years, so I recommend them.

If you can afford it I would recommend purchasing at least 2x20kg, 2x10kg, 2x5kg, 2×2.5kg, 2×1.5kg weights. If you need more weight you can add from there, but at least with the weights mentioned you will have enough weight to provide a high enough amount of resistance for most exercises.

Olympic Bar and Olympic weight summary

Out of all of the home gym equipment that this article will take you though the Olympic barbell and weight set shouldn’t cause you too much trouble, all you need to do is make sure you have enough space for the barbell you are going to purchase and enough weight to give you a good training session.

At this point your home gym is starting to take shape. You have a good set of dumbbells, a workout bench and now an Olympic barbell and Olympic weight set. You now have to put all of that together and the one thing that will connect them all is a power cage/power rack.

Power Rack weight lifting cage

 In my opinion a power rack is the most important piece of kit that you can get for your home gym. The reason why I love a power rack is that it allows you to use free weights which have been proven to build more muscle than their machine equivalent.

Power racks also allow you more safety than just a regular weight stand as they come with safety bars that can catch the barbell. A power rack acts like a spotter when you don’t have one.

Power racks allow you to do many exercises like the squat, bench press, overhead press, pull ups, chin ups and much more. The only disadvantage of a power rack is they do take up a lot of space.

One of my spare rooms is taken up by my power rack, Olympic weights and dumbbells, I don’t mind though it beats paying to go to the gym.

So how should you pick a power rack? There are a few things to look out for:

  • Build Quality, Your power rack should be made of a thick sturdy metal. I constantly smash my barbell into my power rack and I haven’t broken it yet.
  • Size, your power rack should be big enough to be able to perform overhead presses inside of.

Below are some of the power racks that I recommend.

MiraFit Heavy Duty Power Rack

home gym power rack

 The MiraFit power rack is a good power rack for those of us on a budget, it has everything you need including a pull up/chin up bar and dip bars. It can hold up to 350kg of weight and is big enough to overhead press inside of.

For this power rack you will need at least a 7ft Olympic barbell as anything smaller will not fit.

The MiraFit is a little more expensive than the budget racks that are floating around the internet but the build quality on the MiraFit is much better and feels way more safer.

You can get the MiraFit Power Rack here.

Bodymax Power Rack

best home exercise equipment

 The Bodymax Power Rack is another excellent choice for a power rack. It has some advantages over the MiraFit and some disadvantages.

Firstly the build quality is excellent and this power rack feels just as safe as the MiraFit. The main advantage that this power rack has is that it comes with a lat pulley bar system.

When I exercise I like to do the 5×5 Stronglifts workout routine, which includes a set of pull ups, I can do pull ups fine, but I also train with my girlfriend who finds pull ups very hard to do, so we have to modify the workout slightly or I have to assist her with the pullups.

Adding a lat pull down to the power rack means that if you also struggle with pull ups then you can use the lat pull down to build your muscles up to be strong enough to perform pull ups.

With various rope attachments that can be purchased separately the range of exercises that you can perform increases. If you don’t need a lat pull down system then I would probably save my self a bit of money and go with the MiraFit, but if you think having more flexibility with a lat pull down system on your power rack is a good idea then you should check out the Bodymax here, it also comes with free delivery.

Power Rack Summary

The power rack in my opinion is the most important piece of home exercise equipment, heck in my opinion it’s the most important bit of kit in any gym.

If your looking to buy a power rack then any of the above are great choices. I would say that you shouldn’t be tempted by the cheaper racks as they don’t feel as safe, and most of them are not big enough to perform exercises like the overhead press inside of.

Home Exercise Equipment Accessories

Below I will list the best home exercise accessories that I think all home gyms shouldn’t be without.

Best Skipping Rope

 The skipping rope in my opinion is the best home exercise equipment accessory on a budget. What bit of equipment can fit into a small bag, burn tonnes of calories while costing less than a new t-shirt?

Below I will list the best skipping ropes that you can get for your home gym.

If your looking for a cheap skipping rope then you may want to try the skipping rope here, for less than a fiver you cant really go wrong.

I have seen some users complain that it’s a little short if your over 5ft11 but other than that all is good especially for the low price.

home exercise accessories

If you’re looking for a better speed rope that you could use if you’re a boxer or into MMA then the next skipping rope is for you. The speed rope is lighter than traditional leather skipping ropes this means that the rope travels through the air quicker and that makes you move your feet much quicker. The build quality on this skipping rope is much better and you could say it feels like a professional skipping rope. This skipping rope is also suitable for taller people and the height is adjustable to all sizes. You can get this speed rope from here for less than a tenner, bargain.

The last skipping rope that I recommend is the RDX adjustable weighted jump rope. The RDX Skipping rope out of all the skipping ropes is my favourite.

rdx skipping rope

The RDK weighted jump rope has a stylish feel to it, the wooden handles are very nice to hold and the leather rope is weighty and travels at a good speed when exercising.

The size of the rope is easy to adjust. I would say that if you need to adjust the rope then adjust it an inch at a time, getting the right rope size for your skipping rope is essential. You can get the RDK weighted jump rope here

Skipping Rope Summary

 Picking the best skipping rope is difficult as all of the jump ropes above are very good, the first skipping rope I tested was a good jump rope for someone not looking to break the bank while the speed rope and the RDX weighted jump rope are both good quality skipping ropes.

I personally liked the RDX best, but honestly just pick one. Skipping for 10 minutes a day is the equivalent for running for 30 minutes so whatever skipping rope you choose you will be making a good choice.

Doorway pull up bar

 If you haven’t got room for a power rack with pull up bars then you may want to get a doorway pull up bar. A doorway pull up bar is an excellent way of building up your back muscles, along with your biceps.

A doorway pull up bar is also an inexpensive home exercise equipment solution. Check out the best doorway pull up bar that I recommend for your home gym below.

The best home pull up bar that I recommend is this one. Its relatively cheap and its well made. Some users have said that they have found it hard to fix to their doors but after contacting the manufacturer they confirm that this home pull up bar should fit most door frames between 24-32”. If your worried about this I would recommend buying off a well known seller so you can get a refund if needed.

Home Exercise Cardio

No home gym is complete with a few cardio machines. In this section I will look at the best treadmill and best elliptical trainer for your home exercise equipment.

Best Treadmill

best treadmill for home use

When researching the best treadmills for the home gym I had to take into consideration, size, functionality and price. All of the above were taking into consideration when looking for the best treadmill for home use.

Firstly a treadmill for those who don’t have much room and one that could be used for walking to a slight jog. This treadmill will not handle any serious running as in my opinion it’s too small. The treadmill in question is a folding treadmill so its whole purpose is to be able to provide cardio to those with not much room. If you’re looking for a small treadmill that can be packed away after use then check out this one.

If your looking for a treadmill that offers more functionality and one which allows you to seriously run like Forest Gump keep on reading.

JLL S400 Premium Folding Treadmill

best treadmill

 The JLL folding treadmill is quite a price jump from the previously discussed treadmill but that is because in my opinion it is a far more superior treadmill.

It offers a max speed of 16km, 20 auto incline selections along with a running deck that absorbs impact which can prevent injuries. Considering all of the functionality this running machines price in my opinion is very good.

A good added feature of this treadmill is that it has on-board speakers that you can play your music through. If you run constantly you know how annoying headphones can be, especially when you begin sweating. No more replacing your headphones mid run, press play and listen to your favourite music through your speakers. Job done.

Another brownie point for this JLL running machine is if you purchase it through amazon then they will have a 2-man delivery team that will deliver this treadmill and set it up for you. Great service.

Reebok ZR8 Treadmill

reebok treadmill

 Another great treadmill for home use is the Reebok ZR8 Treadmill. It comes with 24 pre set programs that allow you to switch your workups around. I think this is important because I sometimes become bored when I’ve been following a running program for a while.

The Reebok treadmill also folds up so it takes up less room when not being used, although even when folded this running machine still takes up a bit of room.

The maximum running speed of 16kmh means that this treadmill is suitable for nearly all users. The Reebok is a little more expensive than the previous treadmill but I would say that it offers good value for money and is one of the best treadmill for the money.

Once again this treadmill has on board speakers allowing you to ditch the headphones and play your favourite tunes through the dual speakers.   The Reebok treadmill can support users of a weight up to 120kg.

If you want to read more on this treadmill check out this link.

Best treadmill summary

The treadmills above just scratch the surface, there are so many treadmills for sale that picking the best treadmill is going to be a tough job for anyone.

The treadmills that I have selected offer value for money and will be suitable for most users. If you want to see more treadmills and check out some user reviews then check out the following link, it shows a list of treadmills for sale that are suitable for home usage.

Home Use Treadmills for sale

Elliptical Cross trainer

elliptical cross trainer

 Elliptical cross trainers are an excellent piece of home exercise equipment. They offer just as many health benefits of treadmills without being as taxing on the body, with elliptical cross trainers you don’t have to worry so much about impact injuries.

Elliptical Cross trainers are often quite cheap to buy as well, so if your looking for home exercise equipment that can help you lose weight without breaking the bank then an elliptical trainer could be a perfect choice. Below I will discuss a list of the best home cross trainer that money can buy.

The first cross trainer machine that I’m going to look at is the confidence 2 in 1 cross trainer and bike. Firstly this cross trainer is being recommended because it’s not too big and it’s pretty cheap, it’s everything you need for a home workout cardio machine.

Some users have complained that the confidence 2 in 1 cross trainer can take a while to set up and they joked that it’s a workout in its self, but I found it pretty easy to set up and to be honest I’m rubbish at anything DIY, my girlfriend will attest to that.

Overall if your looking for a cheap cross trainer then you may want to check out the confidence 2 in 1.

If your looking for a cross trainer machine that’s a little more sturdy, better made and offers more functions then you may want to check out the Orbus XT7.

The Orbus XT7 is an entry level cross trainer like the cross trainer above but it just feels so much better. Its better made, heavier and feels way more sturdy. This cross trainer comes with heart monitors and a good LCD display to show your workout progress.

One disadvantage of the Orbus is that it takes so long to assemble. I should have timed how long it took but I wasn’t expecting to take so long, I would say it took roughly an hour and half to put it all together.

Some other users of this cross trainer have mentioned that it can rattle a bit, I didn’t notice this so I would advise you to make sure that you tighten every bolt as tight as it can go so you can stop the rattling from happening.

Overall the Orbus is a good elliptical cross trainer suitable for your home gym while still being affordable. If you would like to know more about the Orbus then check out this link.

Elliptical Cross trainer summary

 Once again like treadmills there are a tonne of elliptical cross trainers to choose from, and choosing the best home cross trainer can be a difficult choice, but hopefully the selections above can give you some guidance so you know what to look out for.

Home Exercise Equipment Summary

Putting together home exercise equipment can be an expensive hobby, but if you start small and add to it over time it will be the best thing that you have ever done, I can promise you that. I started off with just a power rack, Olympic barbell set and a workout bench.

Over the years I have added to my home exercise equipment bit by bit and now my home exercise equipment will rival that of any gym and the best part I no longer have to wait for a machine or a piece of equipment to become available in the gym. I don’t have to pay monthly gym fees, and I don’t have to travel to and from the gym, I can walk into my spare room do my work out, jump in the shower and get start cooking some food as soon as I’m out of the shower.

If your thinking of creating a home gym then just do it, you wont regret it.

plus size gym wear

Plus Size Gym Wear

If you’re a heavier person then you may find that finding gym wear that fits can be a challenge. In this article we are going to be looking at plus size gym wear that not only fits perfectly but has excellent functionality too.

Firstly let me just say that finding plus size workout clothes for women can be a nightmare. Larger men also have this problem, but women also have breasts, and because of this plus size gym wear is not only needed but its welcomed.

I do find it ironic that people who want to lose the most weight are often the ones who are not catered to by workout clothing manufacturers. But fear not, in this article I will point out where you can get your plus size gym clothes from and at a darn good price too.

Lets start from the ground up, that way I wont forget anything, because I truly do have a terrible memory 😉

Plus Size running shoes.

plus size gym wear

Out of all the items I am going to mention, shoes are probably the least likely to be the item of clothing that is causing you the most problems, but I thought I would share the running shoes that I use anyway.

K-Swiss Tubes

Being overweight means that when I run I often put too much pressure on my shins which in then pulls on my calf muscle which ultimately gives me a nasty case of shin splints and a tight calf, and I don’t know if any of you guys have suffered from either but they both kill, getting them both at the same time makes running impossible.

Having the above problem stopped me from running for years and I believe that one of the main reasons why it took me so much time to lose weight was down to having to not only suffer from me not being fit enough but also I had to suffer through physical pain from shin splints and a tight calf. I tried many things over the years from foam rolling to standing on a tennis ball under my desk in work, sadly nothing changed until I got myself a good pair of running shoes. The pair I highly recommend if you need to get a pair is the K-Swiss tubes.

So if your overweight and you suffer from shin splints or tight calf muscles then the K-Swiss tubes are an excellent running shoe to get. They’re wide fitting and compared to other running shoes their very cheap. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for mine but they were roughly around £60. So anything under this price and your getting a good deal. Over the years I have bought two sets, as I thought I lost one pair when moving homes, I didn’t and now I have two.

As I said if your current running shoes are ok then stick with them, I only bought a proper pair of running shoes because of the issues I was getting with my lower legs, thankfully I no longer get shin splints or tight calf muscles, this is due to more stretching and the cushioning of the K-Swiss tubes on impact. If it wasn’t for these comfy trainers then I don’t think I would have ever run again, I know its silly and some people may laugh but these trainers really did change my life.  I couldn’t recommend the K-Swiss tubes enough.

Plus Size Yoga Pants

plus size yoga pants

Running or exercising in the gym can cause problems for all types of people, but to the plus size gym goer any movement can cause extra problems, the main and worst problem is chaffing. If you have experienced chaffing then you will know how painful it can be.

Some runners see chaffing as battle scars that they are proud of, but if you’re a larger person like myself you will see them as a pain in the ass (some times literally).

Sweat, skin wobble and rubbing on your gym clothing can cause serious amounts of damage and pain. The best solution to eliminate chaffing and your skin wobbling is a pair of good quality and excellent fitting plus size yoga pants. I would recommend plus sized yoga pants over a cotton alternative as us larger people tend to sweat a lot, and cotton tends to get wet very quickly and can take forever to dry. Yoga pants on the other hand dry very quickly. Plus sized yoga pants also hold everything in place when you are running, once again stopping any kind of unwanted jiggle.

A set of yoga pants that I own and wear to the gym quite often are active sports yoga pants

Or if you like yoga pants that are a bit shorter you could go for the ¾ leg version. I own both and swap them every other workout. Sometimes the ¾ length plus size yoga pants keep me a little cooler because of the length, but that maybe in my head. Still these trousers are good for us larger ladies as it allows us to be able to switch our looks up every other day, we still got to look good right.

Plus size bra

plus size gym wear

Most of us larger ladies have bigger boobs, but regardless of the size of your boobs a good running bra is needed if you plan on taking the gym serious.

The impact that running can have on your body when you have a big pair of boobs can create a massive range of problems, including chaffing and bruising. Depending on the size of your boobs then the person next to you may also thank you for using something to support them in place, you wouldn’t want to knock someone out with your boobs now would you ☺ or maybe you would if that person is the type of gym idiot that is trying to race you.

When I started running I tried a few different bras out and the one that I use all the time is the womans impact plus size bra

The reason why I like it above all the other sports bras that I tried is that the straps are very soft and comfortable but they’re also very sturdy and hold everything in place where it should be. Its also roughly half the price on some of the plus sized sports bras that I have seen online, so it gets a thumbs up from me. Its also machine washable to when you sweat its easy to clean.

Plus size shirt vests

When people say that plus size gym wear is hard to find I don’t disagree with them, to this day I still cant find good shirts or vests that are suitable for a plus sized women.

When I go running I tend to use just normal t-shirts that I have bought over the years, most of these are cotton made and are not really suitable as plus size gym wear. As mentioned above cotton gets wet very quickly and stays wet for the entire workout. What’s more is that I feel very embarrassed when I’ve been on the treadmill for a few minutes and there’s already a river of sweat making a patch down my back.

I tend now not to use tops/t-shirts that are dark in colour because you can see the sweat patches more easily, and yes I know I shouldn’t be so self conscious but I cant help it, when I’m sweating so much I think the whole gym is watching.

So my tip would be to use a top or t-shirt that is old because your going to soak it up when you start working out.

Also if anyone who is reading this blog knows where to get plus size gym wear or plus size gym tops from that are better than plain cotton t-shirts please let me know because I have been on the look out for a good quality gym top for years.

Update (one of our readers selections)

One of the blog readers Sam92 got in contact with us and told us that she also had problems in finding a gym top that fitted her especially because she has large boobs, but she told us that she swears by the following t-shirt pink money

Plus size running jackets

Being from the UK means that we have nice weather probably once a year, twice if we are lucky, so if your looking to get fit and healthy outdoors then you are going to need a good jacket. There are so many nice running jackets out there for sale, but for us plus size runners the selection is very limited.

Now once again finding plus size gym wear is very hard and finding a good rain running jacket that is worth the money and works well is a hard task to do, but after a little bit of searching I found the pink monkey jacket

I got the large size, which fits me nicely at around a size 20. They also go up to XL in size. It’s a nice lightweight jacket that’s good for running/jogging and temperature control in this jacket is pretty good and I don’t find it sticking to me at al during my runs.

One thing I would advise is that I’ve seen some users say that its small sizing, so if you’re a little unsure of what size to get then get the slightly bigger size.

Plus size gym wear summary

Going to the gym or going out running can be intimidating to anyone, but the truth is we all have the same goals to get into shape and to be happy with the body we have.

The truth is that we all put ourselves off from going to the gym or going for a run from sometime or another. When I first started I used to always moan that I didn’t have tidy clothes to go to the gym, but after I purchased pretty much all of the above then I couldn’t use it as an excuse any more. Don’t let your gym wear be the reason why you don’t lose weight this year.

Take control of your weight, your exercise and your life. You can do it. Even if you start by walking, you can do it. Personally I sucked at running, my legs hurt, I had no willpower and I was ready to throw in the towel, but after spending money on my plus size gym wear I decided that enough was enough and I was going to lose the weight.

There would be no more excuses from me.

Thankfully I stuck it out, and no doubt having the right plus size gym wear helped me out. I don’t care what anyone says, by looking good in my equipment I felt more confident in myself, even though I was one of the largest members in the gym I never felt out of place.

So if there’s anything holding you back do what Nike said. Just Do It!

Folding Workout Bench buying guide

If you’re making a home gym then a Folding workout bench is one of the first and most important pieces of equipment that your going to need. In this article I shall explain the different types of weight benches on the market, what to look out for and what to avoid.

Weight benches are needed for a wide variety of exercises, your going to need a weight bench to chest press, but you can also use them for many other exercises such as squats, bent over dumbbell rows, sitting shoulder press, reverse flies, incline and decline bench press, skull crushers, and many more exercises depending on how you like to mix your routines up.

In this guide I will be discussing cheap weight benches suitable for those on a budget, folding workout benches, and adjustable weight benches that have incline and decline features and I will also be looking at the best weight benches you can get for your money.

When you’re looking into purchasing a weight bench I will say that you should take safety into account. Some of the cheaper weight benches can’t handle the same amount weight like some of the more expensive weight benches. You may also want to take into account if you’re going to be lifting heavy weight then your back is going to be pushed hard into that bench, if this is the case then you may want to get a weights bench that has thicker padding to keep you comfortable during your lifts.

If you can afford to get a weight bench that is of a higher quality then do so because it will probably last longer than the cheaper equivalent. I paid just over £120 for my weights bench 6 years ago, and it still looks and feels the same as it did back then. If you can’t afford to spend much on a weight bench don’t worry, in this guide I will cover the best weight lifting benches for all budgets, starting off at the lower end of the scale.

Cheap Weight benches

First I will start with the budget weight lifting benches. These benches are generally of a lower quality and can’t handle as much weight as the more premium benches, but if you’re just getting started you may not even need a bench that can support 300kgs of weight.

Physionics multi use weight bench

small workout bench

The Physionics multi use weight bench is by far the cheapest weight bench that I found online. Costing less than £35 with delivery(at time of writing). It is a no frills weights bench that offers no incline or decline functionality. This flat bench has a max user weight of 100kg and a max equipment weight of 60kg. So in total the bench will support up to 160kg of weight.

The weight limit on this weight bench would mean that I would only recommend buying this bench if you’re a beginner lifter or if you’re only looking to use a weights bench with a light set of dumbbells then this could be perfect for you.

From the reviews of this weight bench are mostly positive, I did come across a negative review that said that the bench can be a bit wobbly. This concerned me because having a wobbly weight lifting bench is dangerous, so I did more research and found that most of the owners have said if the bench does become wobbly/unstable then you need to tighten the nuts and bolts every so often.

I would only recommend this bench if you are not looking to lift a lot of weight. This bench is perfect for the beginner lifter who can learn all of the main lifts before progressing. The weight bench is also good for casual and maybe older lifters who just want something to rest on while they go through their light dumbbell exercises. This weights bench can be used with an olympic barbell and olympic weight set, but due to the weight limits even the average lifter would be pushing the safety limits, if you want to use heavier weights then the next bench I discuss will be better for you but if you’re not looking to go mad with a lot of weight then this is a good bench to start with. You can get the Physionics multi use weight bench from here.

If you are looking for a weights bench that is still on a budget, but a little more sturdier then the next bench may be for you.

Gorilla Sports Rugged Flat Bench

non folding workout benchThe Gorilla sports rugged flat bench is another no frills weights bench that still offers no incline or decline functionality, yet it is way sturdier and can handle a lot more weight than the Physionics multi use weight bench.

The Gorilla sports weights bench has a much more solid construction and can handle a user and equipment weight of up to 300kg. This means that it can be used for a wide variety of exercises including box squats which would not be possible on the first bench that we looked at. This weights bench is far more comfortable than the Physionics multi use weight bench, this is due to a thicker foam being used in the padding.

Safety and build quality of the metals used on this bench are excellent, the build quality on the actual stitching however is to an ok standard. I do get the feeling that over time the stitching that holds the padding together may come undone.

If you’re looking to lift heavier weights and need a much sturdier frame then I would recommend the Gorilla sports bench over the Physionics multi use weight bench. At the time of writing this bench was under £70 which is double the price of the Physionics bench. If the cost puts you off then I would say this weights bench will probably last you longer than the first bench and you have far less limitations when it comes to the exercises you can perform and the weight on the equipment you can use. It also feels like a much safer weight lifting bench.

You can buy the Gorilla Sports Rugged Flat Bench from here

The two weight benches mentioned above are suitable if you are a beginner lifter, or you don’t need to lift weights at an incline or decline. If however you want a weights bench that can offer an incline and decline so that you can hit your muscles from a variety of angles then the next benches could be for you.

Folding Workout Bench

There is no doubt that bench pressing is one of the best exercises to build your chest muscles, but if you want an impressive chest you will need to balance the upper and lower chest muscles out. When you are doing flat bench you are hitting all of your muscles that make up your chest, but by changing the angle you exercise at you are going to put more stress on certain parts of your chest, which will help it grow more.

For example, for years I only flat benched and I would say my chest looked ok, it looked better than average that is for sure, but I still felt that my chest left my physique down, and after research I decided to add incline and decline pressing into my routine. (I no longer do decline)

Incline pressing took my chest from being ok, to being more balanced and gave me a more fuller look. I also noticed that from incline bench pressing the amount of weight that I could lift from flat bench increased.

When it comes to building the upper chest, studies have shown that an incline press with your grip slightly closer together is much more beneficial than flat bench press alone, for this reason, I would highly recommend getting a weights bench that has the ability to adjust the angle that you lift the weight from. That way you can change up your exercise routine to see what works for your body.

Being able to change the angle on a bench is important if you want to incline/decline press or if you want to use the bench to support your back when doing lifts like the overhead press. Below are two really good weights benches that I would recommend using.

York Fitness Bench

york Folding Workout Bench

This is the first out of the two York weight benches that I will be looking at in this guide.

The York Fitness Bench is a multi positional weight lifting bench that allows you to adjust the angle of the seating position from flat to 90 degrees in 5 increments. This allows you to press from a variety of angles and also allows you to over head press with support given to your back. With this bench the different angles that can be used are great for implementing different exercises such as bent over flies and a wide variety of seated dumbbell curls.

What I like about this York bench is that the build quality is great and it feels very safe, much safer than the previously mentioned benches. The metal bars are thick and the bench you will rest on has a good amount of padding that feels comfortable when your using it. I bench pressed 100kg when testing, and it felt comfortable and the bench its self was very sturdy.

One complaint that I have seen customers make about this folding workout bench is that the spacing between the backrest and seat is too big, this causes them to slide down into the gap. But the gap is not too big, most of these people have fitted the seat the wrong way around, if you get this weight bench then make sure you fit the seat the right way and you won’t have this problem.

This York Fitness Bench is suitable for an olympic barbell set, as long as you have a cage/stand to hold the bar and weights. Or you can also use dumbbells. In testing I used both and found that it withstood the weight of them with no problems.

This folding workout bench can handle 200kg of weight safely so it is ideal for novice to advanced lifters. The price of this bench in my opinion is also very good as it is only a little bit more expensive than the budget weight benches yet it offers a better build quality and more functionality than the cheap weights benches. The cheapest price I found online with free delivery was here.

The next weights bench that I will look at offers more functionality and if your looking for a decline weights bench along with flat and incline then this may be the bench for you.

York Fitness 13-in-1 Folding Workout Bench

Folding Workout Bench

The York Fitness 13-in-1 workout bench is an incline and decline weights bench that is suitable for use with dumbbells and a barbell. One of its best features is that it is a foldable weights bench.

When I first moved into my very first apartment I did not have much space and being able to fold my weights bench up and store it under the bed was brilliant for me. I also had to use my weights cage as wardrobe when it wasn’t in use but that’s a different story. Thankfully my new home is much bigger and I no longer have to worry about space as I did back then, but if you don’t have much space then being able to fold your bench up is an excellent space saver.

The York 13-in-1 folding workout bench has 4 incline settings and 3 decline settings as well as being able to lift from flat. Personally im not much of a fan of lifting from a decline position, from my experience I didnt see much benefit from lifting that way, maybe it was just me and the way my body respons differently from others, but at least with this bench its an option. If you want to do decline presses then you can, if you don’t want to do them then you can just do flat and incline presses.

This bench also comes with a preacher pad which is very useful if you want to isolate those bicep muscles when curling weights. You also get leg rests which are useful when you want to hit your abdominal muscles with some decline crunches. Just set the back rest to its lowest position and wrap your legs under the leg rests, from here it’s very easy to do some crunches, but be warned if you have never done decline crunches that your abdominal muscles will feel like their on fire within a couple of reps.

I was impressed how quickly I was able to set the York Fitness 13-in-1 Folding Workout Bench up I would say it took me less than 5 minutes from pulling it from the box to testing it out under my weights cage. I also found it easy to move from one angle to another, all I had to do was pull one of the pins and move the back rest with my other arm. One thing that I didn’t like about this bench is that that it does have a wide variety of angles to choose from but it doesn’t have the ability to go to 90 degrees (straight up) the furthest it goes to is 70 degrees, this means that you don’t have any support when doing over head presses. I would have liked to have been able to do this, but it’s not a deal breaker.

The overall build quality is excellent and I would expect to pay more than its cost. I personally own this bench and it looks as good now as it did when I bought it many years ago. The York 13-in-1 adjustable folding Workout Bench is more expensive than the previous York bench but it does come with more features such as the more angles, the ability to fold and store it out of the way, the preacher pad and leg rests. If your looking to purchase a weights bench then this is possibly the best weights bench you can get without paying £500+

The best deal I found on the York Fitness 13-in-1 folding Workout Bench was at Amazon and you can get it here with free delivery.


Hopefully by now you have a better understanding of weights benches and possibly have a weights bench in mind that you want to buy to put in your own home gym. Like I said in this article, take into consideration your budget, the amount of weight you want to lift and the functionality you want to have from the bench. If I were buying a weights bench and had a limited budget and I only wanted to lift relatively light weights then I would go for the Physionics multi use weight bench but I know that I would outgrow that bench within a year. Therefor I would probably save a little longer and get a bench that allowed me to lift more weight safely, and that bench would be the Gorilla Sports Rugged Flat Bench.

If however I had more of a budget and wanted a bench that gave me more flexibility in the exercises I could perform then I would get the York Fitness Bench which is a quality weights bench that I know would last for years.

Finally, if I needed a weights bench that could do all of the above, yet fold up because I didn’t have a lot of storage then I would 100% get the York Fitness 13-in-1 Workout Bench

To end this article, I would like to ask you guys what benches you have used in the past and what is the most important feature you look for when buying a weights bench.