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weighted training vest

Today we shall be looking at why you should be adding a weighted training vest to your workout and we will be discussing some of the weighted training vests on the market, so keep on reading. Weighted training vest – Why use one? A weighted training vest is one of the easiest ways to add […]

JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

Buying a treadmill for your home gym can cause headaches, I know it took me ages to find a treadmill that I was happy with for my own gym. With this article I will review the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill and by the end of the article hopefully you will know if the JTX Sprint-9: Treadmill […]

Quickest way to lose belly fat

If your looking for the quickest way to lose belly fat keep on reading… Belly fat is one of the biggest problems that men and women face on a daily basis. As a child I could eat anything that I wanted and I would remain stick thin, but as I got older my waistline increased. […]

Home Exercise Equipment that every home gym needs

Today we are taking a look at home exercise equipment, and we are giving you our opinion on the best home exercise equipment that your money can buy for your home gym. Getting fit and healthy can be tough. Gyms are expensive and can often be over crowded. Sometimes gyms can be daunting to someone that has […]

Plus Size Gym Wear

If you’re a heavier person then you may find that finding gym wear that fits can be a challenge. In this article we are going to be looking at plus size gym wear that not only fits perfectly but has excellent functionality too. Firstly let me just say that finding plus size workout clothes for […]

Folding Workout Bench buying guide

If you’re making a home gym then a Folding workout bench is one of the first and most important pieces of equipment that your going to need. In this article I shall explain the different types of weight benches on the market, what to look out for and what to avoid. Weight benches are needed […]

The best food supplements explained and reviewed

There are so many food and vitamin supplements on the market that it is hard to know where to start. Most supplement stores will recommend every product under the sun regardless of your goals. In this article I will explain all the different vitamins and supplements that you could ever possibly need. By the end […]

5 Weight loss drinks that could help you lose weight

1. Ice cold water Not only should you drink water to keep hydrated, but it has been proven that drinking ice cold water can burn more calories than drinking room temperature water alone. Drinking ice cold water causes your body to burn up to an extra 100 calories per day. It is estimated that drinking […]

My 14 day experience with a coconut oil diet

One of my friends recently contacted me asking if I would try a coconut oil diet. Up until that point I had never heard about one. In fact as soon as my friend explained the diet to me alarm bells started to ring in my head. From counting calories in the past I know that […]

My 14 day bullet proof coffee experience

Every so often a weight loss method hits the market and everyone goes crazy over it. The weight loss method that I have come across today is something called Bullet Proof Coffee.  If I am totally honest, everytime I come across a fad diet I am automatically skeptical. Ive been around for long enough to […]